This trailer was made for a 5500 lb boat. We are able to add another slide with axles, brake, and fenders to accommodate an 8000 lb boat. Also the two axles were on slides U-bolted to frame.

J27 1985  had to add another axle. It had 700 lbs of water absorbed in hull. By having axles on slides, we saved him about $2200.One happy camper.

Painted trailer for catalina 25,J24,hunter 26 are Oday24 $2300

24 ft frame for 30 ft boat for three  axles

Trailer on right,before uprights. We go up with 2" galvanize pipe with 1 1/2" to telescope up and down with swivel pad on top.On top of 2" we weld two 3/4" nuts to hold the 1 1/2" That is a big bolt.

  Three 7,000 lb, torsion axles. 34 ft long.We can got your keel inches from the axles to get you under over passes.